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1. Dealing With Toxic Neighbors
Holidays are about Good Will to your fellow 'man' - that includes neighbors; holding grudges is not only unkind - it's poisonous to your environment and that of your neighborhood. Stop contributing to a toxic world..get in the holiday spirit!

2. Married men - 'Serial' Cheaters, Narcissists
Men who cheat; women who put up with infidelity; many married men are ´serial´ cheaters; can marriages with adultery be saved; adulterers are usually deceptive and manipulative; why do men cheat?; betrayal; lack of commitment; fear of intimacy; unhealthy relationships

3. Hard Feelings and Resentments Among Family Relationships
Are you in a dysfunctional family? What are the signs? Do you feel resentment or animosity from a close family member? Do you long for moral support from a family who simply is not capable of giving it?

4. When you Give Up your Personal Power
Have you given over your ´personal power´ to your partner or ´significant other´? If so, why? Are you intimidated by this person? If you fear this person, you have no business being with them. They are manipulating you, pulling your strings - in order to get what they want. Control is not love.

5. Psychopaths and Sociopaths Among Us
They look like your neighbor next door - but beware of wolves in sheep's clothing; Psychopaths and Sociopaths only care about one thing - themselves, and how you can fit into their life; controlling, isolating, psychologically abusive...and one of them could be married to you or one of your adult c

6. Troubled Relationships with Adult Children
Did you spoil your (adult) child or children? Are you suffering the consequences now? At what age is it too late to undo the damage done? Discipline problems and the resulting effect

7. Why Does the Second Wife Reap the Rewards?
Why do second wives get the gravy? Why do second marriages more than the original marriages seem to work? You did all the work - and the next woman in his life seems to reap the (your) rewards. Why are second wives able to get more from your former partner?

8. Once Again, Deceit, Deception, Betrayal
Men who deceive; Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest on the 'hit parade' of men/politicians who have shown no integrity, no conscience in their personal lives; sociopathic behavior? psychopathic?

9. Natalie Wood - What Really Happened That Night?
A famous and beloved celebrity found floating n shark-infested waters off the coast of Catalina Island, with 3 men onboard her yacht that fateful night - Was it murder?

10. About Diets, Exercise & Losing Weight
Frustrated with weight gain? looking for a plan? my latest article offers some helpful tips as you work thru the process...check out 'get fit' contest & Suzanne Andrews''Functional Fitness' video - she's one of the Hosts of Public Television..

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